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✅ Good credit means getting your quality of life back.
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Don't Let Your Credit Hold Back Your Financial Dreams

✅ Qualify for a mortgage

✅ Get approved for your auto loan

✅ Snag that personal or business loan



Stop paying outrageous interest rates on your

automobiles and maximize your buying power.


Job Opportunity

65% of employers base their hiring decisions on applicants' credit reports. Don't miss out on opportunities.


Home Ownership

Using our proven process we can repair your credit and help you qualify for process a new home.


Interest Rates

Save thousands of dollars by paying lower interest rates using your improved credit.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I was delighted when I spoke to my advisor and had an informative over-the-phone consultation that explained my credit profile. The best part is that after I signed up, whenever I called I was able to talk to somebody that day or the next. They also sent email and text message status update monthly. It was great. Thank you for the great customer service.”

“Thanks so much! I would like to give HigherScoreNow name and number to our bankruptcy attorney! I told her about what we were doing and she asked me to let her know if you were good or bad and I can most certainly can say you were WONDERFUL!”

“Your company and efforts were the only ones that made progress.”

“Previous to working with HigherScoreNow on my three house short sales from the housing crash era, I went through two other companies that made promised and wrote letters – but nothing happened. Your company and efforts were the only ones that made progress. Thank you!”

We'll Fix Credit Errors

Up to 80% of credit reports have serious mistakes! We'll take care

of them and boost your credit score.

We Challenge All Inaccurate and

Erroneous Information!

Studies show that 80% of credit reports contain false information

With Good Credit Comes a Quality Lifestyle. Take

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  • Everything starts with a credit audit.

  • After this you can choose any plan you want.

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Start With Your Credit Audit For $19
  • Self Service Portal get access

    to your credit report an online portal, ability to dispute issues on their credit, and 1 Million dollars of credit protection

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Start With Your Credit Audit for $19
  • Monthly credit disputes filed

  • Phone, text, and email support

  • Monthly text and email updates

  • Quarterly calls to review

    progress and issues

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$197 /Month
Start With Your Credit Audit For $19
  • Monthly credit disputes filled

  • Phone, text, and email support

  • Monthly text and email updates

  • Dedicated account manager

We Stand With You

The Best Guarantee in Credit Repair

Higher Score Now offers the best guarantee in the industry! if you don't see improvement after the first 90 days, we'll refund you 100% of your money!

With your help we're confident that getting deletions on your credit reports along with other strategies will boost your credit scores!

With you're help we're confident that cleaning up your credit report, along with other strategies, will help boost your credit scores!

Getting started Is as Easy as 1-2-3

80% of credit reports contain mistakes. By law, the Bureaus must prove it or remove it.

Complete your enrollment process

Get you credit audit done for Only $19

Then you make the choice on whether you want our help or not

When you work with us, we will correct any issues and confirm changes with the credit bureaus

Enjoy the Lifestyle You Deserve

Let us repair your credit before your next big purchase. If we can't remove any

negative items within 90 days, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Is the Initial Consultation Free?

Yes. In your initial consultation, we will review your credit report and ask you questions to find out how we can best help you achieve your goals.

Do You Have a Guarantee?

Yes. We do guarantee that if you do not see any improvements after 90 days, we will refund all or a portion of your payments (obviously subject to you not doing things during the process to make your credit worse – stop paying on bills, not following recommended actions, etc.). We are interested in helping you achieve the best credit available for you and will conscientiously work toward that goal throughout the process.

Can You Guarantee a Certain Score Increase?

We cannot guarantee what results you will obtain.  Each case is unique and thus so are the results.  Since each case will have its own errors, proof documentation, reporting requirements, and verification available from your creditors and credit bureaus, each case will have its own results.

How Does the Process Work?

● Initial consultation to see if and how we may help you.

● If you decide we are good fit, order your Credit Audit Report for $19.

● You review disputes for approval so you know exactly what is happening

● You provide any responses received from the dispute process to us by uploading these documents. This helps us understand what has been done and what we need to keep fighting.

● Adjust the next round of disputes based on replies

● Repeat up to four rounds as needed.

● Review for further actions or To recap success.

How Long Does the Initial Consultation Take?

Consultation times can vary, but usually around 25-30 minutes.

Can the Consultation Take Place by Phone?

Yes! Most consultations will be by phone.

How Long is the Contract?

We do not have any contracts, it is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. Most clients are with us for 6-15 months, depending on how many issues are on their credit.

How Long Does the Process Take to Complete?

It can vary widely but the average case takes 6-9 months.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our costs vary from $97 per month to $497 per month. This is dependent on if you are looking to use our general support team (email and text message support) or our Personal Credit Consultant (most business owners will use this option).  You can cancel at any time and no more payments will be made.

Can I Cancel at Any Time?

Yes. You may cancel at any time and no future payments will occur.

How Often Do You Communicate?

We are always available to answer your questions via phone, text message, or email.  We will also reach out to you several times each month to answer any questions, make sure you understand where we are in the process, and to keep you updated on progress.

Is the Process Transparent?

Yes. We absolutely believe it is imperative that you are kept abreast of all that is happening and have final approval.

How Do I Start?

Just fill out the form below to start your Credit Report Audit.

Don't Like Your Credit?

We Can Help! Schedule a FREE review to find out how to make your credit awesome!

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